Back to Business // Upcoming Markets

S&P ShakersIt’s been a while since my last post but I’m getting back in the groove of creating and gearing up for some more summer shows!

I took a little break as we headed out for vacation almost as soon as school let out. I was back in the studio last week and started working on a few new pieces. While we were traveling, I kept seeing interesting salt and pepper sets and was inspired to work on making some of my own. The image here is the first three sets, post initial firing. I got them glazed today so we’ll see how they turn out . . .

I’ll be back at Sparket next Wednesday, July 22 and will have some of these and other new works with me. And I’ve just signed on for a new night market next month. We visited a few of these on our trip so I’m excited to be part of one here. The MarketSW is a once monthly Friday night market with crafts, antiques, live music and food trucks – and me on August 28!



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