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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting and wanting to know a little more about me! I’ve been a sometimes potter (and seller) for a few years now but some recent changes have made me think it might be time to branch out a bit. My work is a bit varied – some wheel thrown and some hand built, both using a few different clay bodies. I tend to drift toward very dark (almost chocolate brown) or very light (bright white porcelain) and it’s fun for me to see how my style changes, or at least how the finished product differs, with each. Most of my works are fired in an electric kiln but I will sometimes splurge on a gas firing to get some really interesting effects. My love of nature and the outdoors shows up in my work in various ways – be it colour palette or ornamentation. I live in Alexandria, VA with my husband and daughter – my mini helper who inspires me to be a little more free in my works.

xoxo, Jessica

Happenings || Musings


Productive day. Tweaked this site, loads simpler than it was before. But so much prettier (if I do say so myself . . .) Oh, and I got a real email to boot. I’m jessica@lepennyj.com now so I’m a real person. Woot. Looking forward to tackling my online shop next – but that’ll be a …

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Look for me at MarketSW and other local markets this summer. Check Upcoming Events Section for details on dates and locations!