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LePennyJ Ceramics creations are unique pottery pieces made in Alexandria, VA using a combination of techniques, wheel-throwing and hand-building, and a variety of clay bodies including porcelain and stoneware. Most works are functional and versatile, food-safe, and very modern kitchen friendly.

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Productive day. Tweaked this site, loads simpler than it was before. But so much prettier (if I do say so myself . . .) Oh, and I got a real email to boot. I’m jessica@lepennyj.com now so I’m a real person. Woot. Looking forward to tackling my online shop next – but that’ll be a …

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Look for me at MarketSW and other local markets this summer. Check Upcoming Events Section for details on dates and locations!

About Me

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Hi there!

I’m Jessica – the J behind LePennyJ Ceramics & Etc.  I’m a potter. I’m a runner. I’m a yogi. I’m a traveling fool. And I love nature and the outdoors. Most everything on this site will be pottery and ceramics related, I still haven’t fully figured out the Etc in the name . . . but it’s likely that I’ll occasionally share ramblings on other topics. I live in Alexandria, VA with my husband and daughter – my mini helper who inspires me to be a little more free in my works. Thank you for visiting!

– xoxo