Running Hot :: Music Forgot :: Catching Up

20150610_104527Thanks again to the Sparket folks and all of you who stopped by to say hello on Wednesday! I’m looking forward to being back, likely July 08. Look for details to be posted here shortly. I’m doing some paper (well, computer) work and catching up on a few things today after a run in the heat earlier.

I forgot my headphones so I had no music – I’ve gotten to where I prefer running without it unless it’s either very cold or very hot. Today was very hot . . . so I’ve also been working on a new playlist for my next venture out. Some of the songs are just good to help get me moving but there is also a bit of a theme to most of them. Because it was {so} hot today – and it’s not even officially summer yet! Plus a new favourite song included especially for cooldown – or possibly meltdown . . . at the end.

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