Biggering (in a good way)

Biggering . . . which is a weird word, one that I learned from the wonderfully sad but hopeful story of The Lorax but it seems fitting for right now.  Not exactly resolutions this late in the year, but some new goals.

In the studio, I’m working on some larger pieces – and some smaller ones still too, of course.  Some have already made their way to Society Hill. I’m still working in a variety of clay bodies, adding a new one into the mix this week maybe!

And out of it, running, running, and more running – we’re back to one organized run per month and increasing the distance (slowly, kilometer by kilometer, mile by mile).  So far, we’ve done a run in March, April and May with one lined up for June.  Maybe next year we’ll start in January – though that really does seem like a resolution, and those seem terribly difficult to keep.

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