Favourite Choosing

I keep being asked (most frequently by my daughter) about my favourite thing – food, colour, even bug.  And I keep struggling to answer because in most cases I don’t have a favourite, I have many.

I am finding the same with clay bodies.  Last year I spent a lot of time working with porcelain and I really enjoy how smooth it is.  And it is so easy to use, especially for hand building and making more delicate pieces.

This year I am also working with a new dark brown clay that is great for wheel throwing.  It is gritty and is especially interesting when gas fired.

I still feel that my work continues to have two fairly distinct styles.  And I think that I may have settled on a favourite clay body for each.  I imagine I will still experiment with others and possibly find another favourite.  You really can never have too many . . . I think?

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