New York New Work

I recently had the chance to experience some aspects of one of my favourite cities – New York, New York.
It was an anniversary outing – we try to go somewhere special to celebrate each year. It’s always a treat to spend some time together away from the hurry of every day.
This trip to NYC really reminded me of a previous trip to Venice, Italy. Like that trip, we walked most everywhere – from midtown a zigzag around the city and across the Brooklyn Bridge, all the way to the Fort Greene outpost of the Brooklyn Flea. On the way back, we took the subway to near Brooklyn Bridge Park, walked a bit more and then sat in the shade there before catching a cab back over the bridge. We knew we would never make it walking back the seven(ish) miles in time for Bullets Over Broadway – the other big reason we were here. What a show that was!
Just as I remembered, New York never really sleeps so we were able to grab a very authentically Italian pizza after the show and still make it to a bakery where we were treated with two bags of not-quite-day-old extras to bring home.

This piece that I had been working on was waiting for me when we returned – seemed like the perfect way to sum up the trip, a happy wish.

And a few more in the works that should be completed soon. This is somewhat of a new colour palette on some designs I had been playing with last year so we’ll see how they turn out. Maybe if I Wish Happy some more, they’ll be to my (and others) liking!

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