Spring Clean

Hello Spring! Hopefully you are finally here to stay! After running a 5k on Sunday with ice and snow pelting into my eyeballs (fun), I have really enjoyed the nicer days this week. 

I spent quite a bit of my newfound free time at the studio last week and did some long overdue cleaning. I have never had a neater cubby! It was so nice coming in the following day to work. Now to keep it this way . . . at least for a while. Oh – and I got some new clay and underglazes to play with!

Work in progress . . . In addition to cleaning, I also made some pretty messes. I love how the two different clays I was working with ran together off the wheel.  And, it seems I really want to go to the beach after this long winter – I don’t think either of these molds were meant to be beach themed but together they remind me of sea sponges and star fish along the shore. 

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