Getting Set

I’ve been busy prepping a bit each day after work this week and have decided to take a couple of days off to finish.  Today and tomorrow I will be getting everything ready for The Art League Artfête Weekend 2012 & Annual Holiday Ceramics Sale.

I’ve taken over the basement for a staging area.  That’s right, no dollhouse or cars/trains until I’m done.  So I’d better get busy!

The sale is taking place Friday through Sunday at The Art League’s Madison Annex, 305 Madison Street, Alexandria, VA. I’ll be there quite a lot on Thursday.  First to help set up the studio for the sale (and party!) which should be fun.  Then, and this is the unnerving piece, I’ll be arranging (and rearranging at least few times, I’m sure) my own display. I’ll post a few pictures after. 

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