My Fallt

Where has summer gone?  It’s still quite warm of course, but  . . . School has started back.  No more time to take – or even plan – week long trips.  Shorter – in feeling at least – days with less sunlight and more rushing around.  I shouldn’t complain.  Whether it was really due to conscious effort or not, I can’t say but this summer did feel a little slower and more like summer should.  
We got all the way to Puerto Rico, where I discovered I do like guava pastries – so much that they are one of my new favourites pictured on the left, mofongo, and all things yucca.  It’s a wonderful place to vacation, only a few hours travel but worlds away.  
We set a goal to run in one organized 5k race each month, which we loosely met.  Two in June, none in July, one in August . . . but that meant much more running in between as well.  We’ll be doing The Color Run this weekend – hope it meets the high expectations of our 4 1/2 year old!
I got a lot of studio time in too, which means some new works.  Which is what I imagine (and hope!) you’re here to see.  I finally made some (actually functional!) lidded jars.  I also experimented a little more combining various components into one piece – wheel-thrown and then altered using hand building techniques. Like the “dress” vase in the collage to the left.   
                                                                                                                                                                                To finish the summer, I traded out the stock at Society Hill with some new pieces.  And now, comes fall.  Which in actuality is quite nice on it’s own and I’m looking forward to cooler weather, maybe even a little more studio time, and the beautiful changing colours of the leaves here.  I just don’t like to think that summer has ended, still feeling that we should have enjoyed it a little more.  So, I blame fall – it’s all fall’s fault, or is it my fallt?  

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