Branching Out

For a short time – just two days overlapping, I’ll actually have two pieces of work on view at the Torpedo Factory.  
The first show to go up is the Art League Student/Faculty Show where I have a grouping of three square dishes titled “Repeating Bird Series” similar to the ones pictured below left.  

The ones in the show are made with the studio standard white clay which has been my clay of choice for more recent works.  But the ones above are my first attempt at using porcelain clay – it is soooo soft and I’m already totally hooked on working with it.  I’ve yet to see how it progresses through the firing process though.  It’s going to be an interesting study . . . but enough on that for now.  Back to the show – as it includes works from multiple areas of study through the Art League, it’s incredibly inspiring to walk through and see what everyone else has been working on.  Show opens this week on February 22 and ends with a short ceremony on March 4, 2012.
And, switching gears almost completely, the second piece is in the Target Gallery March Madness Exhibition.  Another big show – with approximately 200 pieces of work included, from almost as many contributors.  All 10×10 inch square, like the one in the first photo below.
Panel Before
Panel In Progress
Panel Finished

I had planned to take shots as I worked but got on a roll so my “in progress” shot (in addition to being a terribly out of focus) is really about one step away from the finished product, titled “Goodnight”.  I saw a few other works going in when I returned my panel this morning.  This is the second year I’ve participated in this show and once again, seeing what others have done with their panels is even more exciting than working on my own.  I can’t wait to see all of them once they go up on the walls!  The show runs March 3 – March 18, 2012.  There is even a party on March 16.  10% of all sales go to March of Dimes.  Great fun for a great cause.  

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