Honest {Broken} Soul

Sometimes a piece consumes me a little – like this one.
It seemed I had stumbled on a good reminder for me – and maybe others – at yoga a few weeks back. I had worked on getting the shape just the right amount round, just the right amount not exactly round. I had measured out where words and details went inside the piece. I had spent quite a while determining how I would finish it (glaze choices are always one of my most difficult decisions). And then, after the final firing, a small crack through one side of the dish appeared!

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Mugs and Fishes

Well, that’s almost right given Valentine’s Day is coming up. 
I’ve been on a mug making and mini-fish making kick of late. I guess the mugs came from getting ready for the holiday craft bazaar at Grounded Coffee Shop (yum, yum) last year and realizing I had only ONE mug ready for selling! At a coffee shop. 
The fish are something that are a fun distraction while I’m waiting for a piece to be ready to trim, add a handle, or just have some time where I need to put off thinking for a bit. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with all of them . . .
New works in shops at Society Hill Designs (Falls Church location) & Honest Soul Yoga (Alexandria), and Etsy.
Happy Hearts Day! Mugs & Fishes, Jessica

A {Good} HiSsY Fit

I’m so very proud to show my space at Honest Soul Yoga in Alexandria, VA where some new works will be selling.
Pardon me while I burst into a million (or so) shiny pieces . . .
. . . okay, back. I was in (before a really fantastic class – they’re all fantastic) today to set everything up. Most are from my (new!) BREATHE, LAUGH, LOVE line with a few select other pieces.
Come for a class, leave with a pot! Come for a pot, stay for a class!