Time Flies & the Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster (Right)

How long has it been since I posted here – tooooo long! And I can’t say I have a very good reason. I’ve been busy, creating some things but also trying to figure out what the Etc to do with myself.

I took a little bit of a break from markets last year but picked back up in November and remembered that while they are a lot of work, they are a lot of fun too! It’s great to be around artists at the studio and I get so many wonderful ideas from watching other potters and seeing their works but markets give me a chance to be around artists specializing in other mediums. So, I get to share my works but also look at how I might incorporate some of these into future works.

This year, I’m hoping to be present at more local events and get back to maintaining my online shop! That is, if the Bubble Monster – created for the Target Gallery March150 Art Sale & Exhibition, doesn’t get me first . .