Laughing In The New Year

Here’s to a new year!

And some fresh resolve. I’m not very good with resolutions, but I know there is always something that I can do better. And I quite often need some reminder of what I’ve set out to focus on more in the coming year. This one came from a conversation with my daughter about a month ago. We had seen “The Princess Kaguya” earlier that day and then set off for a long drive which gave plenty of time for reflection.

And it’s true, you should never {ever} lose your laugh. 

A {Good} HiSsY Fit

I’m so very proud to show my space at Honest Soul Yoga in Alexandria, VA where some new works will be selling.
Pardon me while I burst into a million (or so) shiny pieces . . .
. . . okay, back. I was in (before a really fantastic class – they’re all fantastic) today to set everything up. Most are from my (new!) BREATHE, LAUGH, LOVE line with a few select other pieces.
Come for a class, leave with a pot! Come for a pot, stay for a class!