Etsy Refresh


Group photo shot of some new works that just went into my Etsy shop this week. It always takes me a while to gear up for photographing works but it really is quite fun once I get going. Backdrop in place, pieces strewn about, music playing . . . Bob Dylan was my listening choice this week – I think my current favorite of his is Spirit on the Water, though it’s terribly hard to pick. This is definitely my favorite shot from this last session though. Continue reading “Etsy Refresh”

Honest {Broken} Soul

Sometimes a piece consumes me a little – like this one.
It seemed I had stumbled on a good reminder for me – and maybe others – at yoga a few weeks back. I had worked on getting the shape just the right amount round, just the right amount not exactly round. I had measured out where words and details went inside the piece. I had spent quite a while determining how I would finish it (glaze choices are always one of my most difficult decisions). And then, after the final firing, a small crack through one side of the dish appeared!

Continue reading “Honest {Broken} Soul”

Fabulous Flea!

Nalls Produce is opening it’s doors for a Fabulous Flea Market this Friday and Saturday. 
There will be bargains on Nalls merchandise and lots of kitchen and garden goods for sale from local vendors. 
I am so excited for LePennyJ works to be a part of it! 
Working on the inventory now but there will definitely be mugs, platters, vases, garden “stones”  . . .
and other wares perfect for the gardener, cook, coffee drinker, or flower lover in you or someone you love.