Get to Work

IMG-1414Bunch of chores at the studio this morning – lots of clay to recycle, a few bowls to trim (probably my least favorite part of the making process) and a redo on a piece that I got a little too “creative” with . . . it was a nice simple piece and I should have stuck with a nice simple glaze. But the gas kiln was being loaded and when it’s good, it’s very good so I played. Likewise, the opposite can also be true . . . and I’m back to the beginning. Which is okay, and not an altogether bad place to be.

Anyway, thinking it was going to be a pretty quiet morning, I revived my ooooollllllddd MP3 player on the drive in and was pleasantly surprised to find there were a couple of things I hadn’t yet listened to on it. “One More Thing” was a great distraction, short blips of stories just quirky enough to keep me engaged (and laughing) all the way through the tasks at hand. Next up – “Calypso” and Etsy updating.