Little Houses on the Market

IMG_9042Hey there! My new obsession . . . tiny houses, I’m hoping to have a LOT of these finished in time for the August 10 MarketSW – come see me for these and other new works!

I can’t wait to be back at this market! We just returned from a trip overseas and I was reminded once again just how special these kinds of regular markets are for getting a taste of the local culture.



Productive day. Tweaked this site, loads simpler than it was before. But so much prettier (if I do say so myself . . .) Oh, and I got a real email to boot. I’m now so I’m a real person. Woot. Looking forward to tackling my online shop next – but that’ll be a more involved process and one I’ll get started on AFTER my show on Saturday at Grounded Coffee shop. Come by and say hi if you’re local!


It’s Been a Year? What?!

IMG_2661Oh my, I knew I had been extremely remiss in posting anything. And just completely awful about keeping my Etsy site updated. But I can’t believe I’ve gone a whole year (exactly, which I guess makes it somewhat serendipitous that I logged on today and not yesterday or tomorrow . . .)

I’m so excited about some new shifts that will mean MORE studio time, more making time, more messy time and more keeping my $h!t together time. I’m booking a photo shoot to update this site and my online store. And when I say booking, I mean putting it on my calendar – let’s not kid I can’t be getting too fancy now. Look out for some new works to be available soon.

I’ll be switching out some pieces at Honest Soul Yoga shortly as well – if you need to see things in person, that’s the place to go on the regular. I love how my pieces are incorporated into their fancy boutique, they’re perfectly paired with crystals (you might know my penchant for collecting rocks goes back a LONG time) and other yoga lifestyle products. On April 21st, I’ll be at Grounded Coffee Shop’s Spring Craft Bazaar, fingers crossed I’ll have some of my newest works in progress completed by then!

Back soon!