❅ The Snow Days are Long, But the Years are Short ❅

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Or something like that . . . These last couple of weeks have been a little crazy, trying to schedule anything with school holidays, snow days, early releases AND delays has been tough. But, I’m enjoying having this time with my (almost not so) little girl. It’s made me think a bit about how I got into pottery in the first place, it’s really thanks to her (and my husband).

When she was about a year old, I was working in telecom. Even though there were lots of things that I loved about the work (and her!), it felt like almost every hour was spent there or baby related. And I wanted something that wasn’t either. Not an escape really, just something else to round “me” out. My husband had golf – and I loved that he had that time on the course. Golf is not my thing – and we need time apart just as much as we need time together anyway.

We talked about a lot of things that I might be interested in trying out. Pottery was always something that I was drawn to and I looked into classes, found one at The Art League and signed up. That first class was terrible, not because of the teacher or the space (both awesome) but I guess I had expected that since I was excited about the prospect of making these amazing things – it would be easy.

It wasn’t, and I had lots of frustrating days (still do) but I did love the creative outlet that working with my hands gave me. And every so often, I would start out to make a cylinder and end up with a cylinder. When I first started, I primarily worked on the wheel and then added hand building as another technique. Both are satisfying, sometimes I like the “predictability” of this second means of creating (though it’s not always that predictable either) but there is still something about throwing a piece that makes me happy.

I love that this work has become a more consistent piece of my life. And a more serious endeavor – though as with everything, over the years there has been some drift. At times I’ve moved away from it but it’s been there for me through a couple of big changes and I’m glad to have found it.

And I’m glad for the collaborations it’s meant with my daughter as she grows up too. Whether that’s a piece that I’ve made and brought home for her to decorate or shared art projects outside of the studio – one of my favorites is the March 150 panel exhibit at the Torpedo Factory’s Target Gallery. I love seeing her creativity – and love that she inspires me to be more creative. So, the J in LePennyJ IS for Jessica but it could just as easily be for Josey. ♡

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