Penny Thoughts

IMG-1941At least once a week, I find pennies when running, walking or just out and about. Sometimes one, sometimes a handful. I have this thing about them being heads up.

True or not, some part of me believes heads is good luck, tails not as much. So the latter get tossed up to see if they’ll land the opposite way and wait for someone else that might need a little luck to come by and find them.

It’s not a great story but that’s where the name LePennyJ came from.


I’ve long tried to figure out how to explain how I chose it when I started working with clay.  And, it’s always been the same reason but I’ve had a difficult time putting it into words outside of my head. Maybe I’ve done it this time.

The J was always easy. It’s me, Jessica. And, Le? Nothing to tell there really, it just seemed to fit. I feel very lucky for the opportunity to: play in the mud (basically), to make useful (and not so useful too) things by hand, to share the good works with others, to learn from the frequent accidents (both happy and the not-so-very also). So, that’s the rest of the story.


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